Full height plantation shutters are excellent for blocking out unwanted light because of their simple panel configuration and provide outstanding privacy making them ideal for homes next to busy pavements and roads or that are overlooked by surrounding buildings or areas. Full height plantation shutters are also great for blocking out unwanted outside noise from motor vehicles and planes because the shutter panels and frames cover the whole height of the window and therefore help provide a barrier against outside noise..

Full height plantation shutters provide outstanding privacy

Full height plantation shutters can be ordered in all of our shutter range from our entry level MDF Antigua shutters to our range topping white teak Sumatra shutters plus our 100% waterproof Java range. We will always discuss the options with you to allow you to decide the most appropriate style to suit your interior design needs.

Our stunning range of Full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after plantation shutter style.


Bespoke Plantation Shutters have a stunning range of full height plantation shutters
Bespoke Plantation Shutters stunning range of full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after shutter style due to their aesthetic appeal, simplicity and wide range of window styles they suit. The definition of a full height plantation shutters are the shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. One control mechanism is fitted to each panel, or should you wish to utilise the privacy bar (mid-rail) then the panels will be split into separately operable louvre sections. A full height plantation shutters installation is generally made up of rectangular or square shutter panels that span the full height of the shutter and window frame..

Full height plantation shutters perfect for patio doors
Depending on the material selected, Bespoke Plantation Shutters full height plantation shutters can fit the widest range of window and door applications from small port holes and complex bay windows to large special shape windows and gable ends shutters. They are also perfect for patio door shutters and French door shutters and come with a space for the door handles cut out to allow easy opening and closing of your patio and French doors.
With the inclusion of a privacy bar, they can be divided into two or more sets of operating louvres. This addition is more commonly known as a shutter mid-rail. The mid rail provides added integrity to larger shutter panels, can be used for aesthetics (to match the rails on your window) and also for added functionality, allowing top and bottom louvre sets to be moved as required, this is perfect for maintaining privacy in the home and controlling light, when using full height plantation shutters.


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