Door Shutters are a very common feature in our British homes, Door Shutters, French Doors and Patio Doors can often look bland and are not that easy to furnish. In recent years door shutters have become one of the most stylish ways to dress a whole host of door styles due to their aesthetic appeal and unique light and privacy control options.

Stylish range of made-to-measure door shutters

Indeed, Bespoke Plantation stylish range of made-to-measure door shutters can be engineered to fit just about any door to provide a shutter solution for French Door Shutters, Patio Door Shutters and Bi-Fold Door Shutters. Bespoke Plantation Door Shutters will still open in the same manner as our window shutters, as they are hinged to the frame. However, they are secured closed using button catches to reduce any accidental swinging from the frame, as doors are swung open for access.

Door Shutters with aesthetic appeal

Because our door shutters are purely made-to-measure, we also have the ability to adjust the frame, so that a cut-out is positioned around the door furniture. This is something that is known as a French Door Cut-Out and would most commonly be where the handles are situated. This is a feature unique to shutters and allows you to use your door handle normally whilst providing full privacy and light control to the room. As well as the more traditional French Door and Patio Door shutters styles, our shutters are also perfect for Bi-Fold doors too due to their aesthetic appeal, practicality and versatility of applications they fit. Bi-Fold doors are becoming an increasingly popular architectural feature in homes across the country and are featured in most of the UK’s leading design magazines, television programmes and home exhibitions. Bespoke Plantation Shutters premium range of Bi-Fold Door Shutters can be engineered to fit most Bi-Fold Door and Bi-Fold Window systems and customers can select an array of personalised options and colours.

Bi-Fold Door Shutters

Bespoke Plantation Bi-Fold Door Shutters and Bi-Fold Window Shutters can be installed on a track to cover wide and large expanses which is one of the reasons they are such a popular window covering for this style of door and window. The door shutters are suspended from a top track installed into the ceiling or recess and the panels are hinged together to allow them to be folded back to the end of the track. This results in the door shutters being no-intrusive to the room and provides a range of versatile options and uses. A large number of panels can be hinged together in order to cover large expanses. They can also be specified with or without side frames depending on the requirements of the shutter and how much support is required.

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